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How to maintain the rubber mold correctly

Every thing has a certain life, in order to extend the service life, we must understand the correct maintenance method, the following is the correct way to maintain the rubber mold.
The first, regular maintenance of the die wear curve is the existence of each mold. Mould maintenance is an abnormal wear in the field of implementation, and the amount of stamping processing at this time is easy to learn. When the processing quantity is satisfied, the maintenance of the mold is realized, the maintenance plan is not only easy to learn the maintenance project, but also easy to control the maintenance time.
Second, the improved maintenance in order to prolong the die life, stability quality, easy to maintain and other purposes, and the improved partial mold die special maintenance.
Third, daily maintenance is the normal rubber mold cleaning, inspection, and moved to oil and so on. This work is usually to confirm that the mold is in normal condition and can be found early.
Fourth, the rubber mold processing of the accident condition maintenance will have some changes, forming the country can not continue to use. For example, the margin is bigger and the wrong size, such as scars, and the burning of the mold parts. Because of similar abnormalities, the maintenance and maintenance of the mold is called an accident. This maintenance is usually used up to the near limit, and if the time of the rubber mold maintenance cost is more important, life is a short die. Because this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a device in the plan stop, and emergency maintenance.

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