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The status quo of the development of hardware molds in China

At present, more than 6000 die and mould enterprises have been gathered around Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta area, with more than 100 thousand employees. The five Southern China International Mould Exhibition has been held continuously in Shenzhen, attracting more than 1000 enterprises in 25 countries and regions. It is the most professional and international mold industry exhibition in China.
From the point of view of production, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River delta still maintain a good momentum of development. The development of the northeast and central and western regions is still relatively slow. Mould City, mould agglomeration production base, and some development zones and high and new technology zones are well produced. Specific to all enterprises, there are certain characteristics and expertise, which can produce large, precise, complex and other high tech mold enterprises, which are generally sufficient, and some of them are insufficient. But the general level or even the relatively backward enterprises, the order is less, the task is insufficient. It is understood that at present, the majority of the people are connected to the second hand, the main work is to rely on physical strength. There are too few independent brands and high value-added products. Because the added value of products is low, the average output of each a worker in China is about 10 thousand dollars a year, and the developed countries in mould industry mostly are 150 thousand ~20 million, and some even reach 250 thousand ~30 million.

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